Dröm trumma

Artikelnummer #: 3DRDR

Med tre olika trumpinnar kan du själv upptäcka denna trummas olika medetativa lägen. Känn vibrationerna i rummet, í underlaget i kroppen. Helt fantastisk som en egen aktivitet och lämpar väl i Sinnesrummet/Musikrummet. Se filmsnutt!

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  • Storlek: L: 29cm x B: 29cm x H: 27cm

2 Förhandsgranskning

Josie H.Verified Buyer.
Reviewed on 18/09/17
Lovely drum for music therapy with my child who has cerebral palsy
Lucas J.Verified Buyer.
Reviewed on 11/09/15
Got this for my teenage son who loves to bang things and make noise and after listening to him playing this I realised just how much all that banging had been getting on my nerves over the years. With this dream drum though, the banging is actually real honest music. I know that probably sounds odd but depending on where it is hit with which beater (three different ones supplied) you hear different notes, and they are rich and smooth and last for ages. Have now got rid of every other drum type thing he has, because I can't bear to go back to them after hearing this. Sturdy but not too big, this dream drum is already a favourite and I can see it remaining so for years to come. If you're reluctant because of the price then see if there are any videos on YouTube so you can have a listen before you make up your mind! Supplied with stickers so you can mark the different notes but I haven't bothered as he doesn't strike it with much precision but probably handy for someone more able and aware.